Send your exact location in any emergency situation

If you get lost or have an accident, you can send an alert to the 112/911 emergency services in the region through your Alpify application. It is very simple: just press the “Emergency” button.

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Send an emergency message when you need it most

If you have an accident or get lost, Alpify will make it easier to communicate with the 112/911 emergency services in the area. Just press the button, which will send rescue teams all information needed to find you using the phone’s GPS. The emergency services will call you so you can explain what has happened.

Your route will be saved to ease the searching in case of need

This means that the 112/911 emergency services in an Alpify area can have passive knowledge about your location and route. This data will only be used if you send an emergency call, or if someone reports you as missing.

Keep the “Track On” to send your position

Remember to have the Locator On, so the rescue teams can find you with ease in case of an emergency.

Receive messages regarding your safety

The 112/911 emergency services in the area you are in can send messages about safety to all those who deems convenient.

If no Internet connection, you can send text messages

When there is no Internet connection, the emergency requests will be sent via text messages, the SMS will be received at the Alpify system directly and will be processed by the 112/911 emergency services in your area.

Contact person: friend or family

Provide a contact person so the 112/911 services can inform them about your state and location in case of emergency.

Battery use

On average, Alpify in an Android device uses 7%* of your battery during the day and 10%* in the case of an iPhone.

*Information varies depending on model and O.S versions.

Emergency telephones in your area

Emergency telephone numbers will appear according to the area in which you are in, so you always have access to the most important telephone numbers concerning your safety.

Location sent automatically

By calling 112/911, your position will be automatically sent. For this to happen, you must have activated this option in the user profile of the App.

Active areas with our service

Our service works by activating the rescue teams of certain areas.


31,895 km2


5,321 km2


41,634 km2


31,895 km2


326 km2




25,066 km2


2,3 km2


433 km2


7,234 km2

Vote to activate an area

We want everyone to be able to enjoy our service, therefore, we will pay attention to your requests and work to make this possible.

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Available for iOS and Android platforms. We are working so in the future all users from diferent platforms will be able to enjoy our service.